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October 2019 Newsletter

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Evidence Based Medicine
in the
21st Century

Orthopedic rehabilitation today remains stubbornly rooted in the subjective: elastic bands, manual muscle testing, patient opinion. Not good enough and frankly, embarrassing.

Using a precise application of constant load (with movement occurring in the open chain) Isokinetic measurement determines strength in order to gain insight and direct treatment accordingly.

Only Isokinetics enables a fully informed return to sports, work and activity.

And only HUMAC has been designed solely with Isokinetics in mind providing real-time knowledge for the physical therapist, athletic trainer, researcher and the patient.

Isokinetics 101 Webinar - Volume 10
Are you or your staff in search of additional Isokinetic training? Thursday, October 17, 8 pm EST is our tenth of twelve free monthly webinars detailing how to use an Isokinetic machine for physical therapy and sports medicine. Each 45-minute webinar will build on the preceding month. Content was created by and is hosted live by John Hisamoto PT, owner of Pro-Active Physical Therapy, Tampa, FL and Daniel Bodkin PT/ATC. Combined they have over 40 years of experience using Isokinetic machines in the clinic. Lots of helpful tips and great attendance.

Register Here

Looking to update your current Isokinetic Machine? Learn more here!


October 1, 1908: Henry Ford's Model T, a "universal car" designed for the masses, went on sale for the first time.

October 3, 1863 : President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation designating the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

October 9, 1940: - John Lennon was born in Liverpool, England.

October 20, 1973 - The 'Saturday Night Massacre' occurred during the Watergate scandal as President Richard M. Nixon fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus. Attorney General Elliot Richardson resigned. A firestorm of political protest erupted over the firings leading to widespread demands for Nixon's impeachment.

October 24, 1945 - The United Nations was founded.

Tradeshow Schedule

February 2020 - CSMi is exhibiting at the APTA CSM, Visit booth 532

In our booth with be a new HUMAC NORM Isokinetic System and HUMAC Balance System. Researchers can try our new integrated EMG and E-Stim HUMAC Software modules.

Stop by our booth 524 to say hello, learn more about our products and if you offer Isokinetic testing sign up for

More dates to follow!

Wanted - Unwanted CYBEX NORM, HUMC NORM & Biodex Isokinetic Machines

Turn your unwanted Isokinetic machine into cash. Contact Rob Potash.

CSMi News

Roy Langois is retiring from our production team after 13 years of dedicated service here at CSMi. Roy's attention to detail and quality combined with his mentoring of the entire team has been greatly appreciated. We want to give Roy our best wishes as he begins his next chapter.

About CSMi

A pioneer in the Isokinetic testing and rehabilitation field, CSMi has been designing and manufacturing computer-based measurement, training, & documentation products for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and Exercise Science since 1982. Our leadership in this field has paved the way for our products to be prominently featured in Hospitals, Clinics, Research Centers, Training Rooms, Industrial Sites, and Schools around the world

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