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Press Releases


On Boston’s Marathon Monday SportsWareOnLine crossed the 2,000,000 athlete threshold. Amazing coincidence.

We are hard at work on the next set of features and hope to see many of you at the NATA Show this June. Thank you for you continued support.


The Arena Football League (AFL) and CSMi Solutions announced a partnership today that will allow AFL teams to utilize SportsWareOnline injury-tracking technology during the 2015 season. The deal will give team medical staffs the ability to store and update all player medical files and monitor player injuries on the web-based platform.


SportsWareOnline, the most popular injury tracking solution for over two decades, just passed the 10 million treatment milestone. That's 10 million times athletic trainers have trusted SportsWareOnline to document and track the health of their athletes.


The HUMAC Balance System's introductory pricing ends January 7, 2015. After January 7th, the HUMAC Balance System's price will be $2,995. If the HUMAC Balance is on your short list, buy before January 7th to receive the introductory price of $2,600 and save $399.

The HUMAC Balance System offers static and dynamic measurement and training for a fraction of the price of the competition, and is ideally suited for:


Now is your chance to compare your athlete's Isokinetic Concentric Knee Extension/Flexion performance to the top American Football Prospects.


2014 NATA T Graphic.png

The CSMi T-Shirt Trade-in is back! Trade in a T-shirt from your school (large or x-large) at the CSMi Booth 1223 for a limited edition SportsWareOnLine T-Shirt. Collected shirts will be donated to a local charity. "Wrestling" shirts greatly appreciated.


HUMAC Balance appeals to the Fall Prevention, Orthopedic, Concussion and Research markets. Designing a product that addresses four markets without overwhelming any one of them is a delicate line to walk. This month we added Average Velocity to the HUMAC 2013 mCTSIB Report.

Purpose of the Test


For quite a while a select group of HUMAC Users (aka Kin-Com Owners) have been after CSMi to add an Interrupted Stroke Test (IST) procedure to the HUMAC Isokinetic Software. IST allows the User to walk the Subject through a test one direction at a time and stop. At the end of the test the Tester selects the best data from each direction to store.


SportsWareOnline (SWOL) includes Protected Health Information (PHI). For this reason SWOL includes an automatic log-out based on inactivity. If SWOL is logging you off too soon between edits you can adjust this feature.

  1. Log into
  2. From the top Select Admin, Institution
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the window to the field "Session Time Out"
  4. Set to desired time out in minutes

If you have any questions regarding SWOL send us a note.


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