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Cal State Long Beach’s Department of Kinesiology Invests in Isokinetic Extremity System for Research and Education

04/14/2016 - Write My Essay

LONG BEACH, CA – April 14, 2016 – The Department of Kinesiology in the College of Health and Human Services at Cal State Long Beach offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various disciplines such as Sports Psychology, Physical Education, Biomechanics, and Exercise Physiology. The Physiology of EXercise and Sport (PEXS) lab is co-directed by Drs. Evan Schick, Ralph Rozenek, and Joshua Cotter who are all extremely excited about many changes taking place in the department. Of these changes, a large focus has been on rejuvenating the exercise physiology lab with new, state-of-the-art equipment. The equipment will be used for both educational and research purposes providing top notch experiences for students and developing cutting-edge research.

Quantifying Muscle Movement – From Outer Space to the Classroom

Dr. Joshua Cotter, Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology in the Department of Kinesiology is pleased about the positive changes occurring in the lab and especially eager to use one piece of equipment in particular – the HUMAC NORM extremity system. In addition to incorporating the NORM into the classroom, faculty members and students will be using the machine for research. One of Dr. Cotter’s specialties relates to the development of optimum exercise countermeasures for astronauts. According to Dr. Cotter, “The best way to tell if these programs are effective is to use the HUMAC NORM to look at quantitative data to understand exactly how these training interventions affect skeletal muscle function. The machine gives us great flexibility in collecting data in relation to a wide range of joints and their associated musculature.” Additionally, Dr. Schick is looking forward to utilizing the machine to help assist in studying metabolic signaling pathways in response to glycogen depleting exercise on the NORM.

The HUMAC NORM will also be incorporated into the Exercise Science curriculum. It will be a critical instrument in demonstrating and quantifying what is going on with muscles and joints during movement and is an especially valuable training tool for students wishing to enter into a physical therapy program. This one machine offers 22 isolated joint movement patterns, four resistance modes (isokinetic, isotonic, isometric, and passive), and numerous reports to meet the needs of today’s clinicians, researchers, and exercise science educators.

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