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CSMi Takes Athletic Concussion Assessment to the Next Level by Partnering with Renowned Neurocognitive Expert Dr. David Eagleman of BrainCheck

06/22/2016 - Write My Essay

STOUGHTON, MA - June 22, 2016 - CSMi is pleased to announce their partnership with the neurocognitive experts at BrainCheck. Their product is a comprehensive concussion management system based on over twenty years of research conducted by renowned expert, Dr. David Eagleman. BrainCheck is a perfect fit for CSMi's SportsWareOnLine product, which is a web-based injury tracking and treatment system for athletes. This partnership will now allow customers to incorporate and track neurocognitive assessment data from BrainCheck within the SportsWareOnLine system.

SportsWareOnLine – Over 2.5 Million Athletes Strong

SportsWareOnLine is a web-based product that is used to record, manage, and report on athlete health and rehabilitation. It is predominantly used by Athletic Trainers covering high school and college athletes to keep track of all demographic and medical data in one secure location, accessible from any device that connects to the web. SportsWare, first introduced in 1991, is the leading injury tracking system in the United States, currently housing data on over 2.5 million athletes.

With new research data being discovered about concussions and their long-term effects on the brain, it is more critical than ever for schools and colleges to ensure they have a comprehensive concussion management system in place. According to Rich Potash, CEO of CSMi, “With SportsWareOnLine recording SCAT3 (Sports Concussion Assessment Tool) and VOMS (Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screening) data, the partnership with BrainCheck and their neurocognitive assessment tools made perfect sense in our efforts to continually expand the concussion management solutions we offer our customers.”

BrainCheck Concussion Management – Twenty Years in the Making

BrainCheck is the result of 20 years of research conducted at the Eagleman Laboratory for Perception and Action at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. David Eagleman has been studying and creating reliable, noninvasive ways to understand the inner workings of the brain—including founding BrainCheck, the innovative neurocognitive testing platform to assess brain function. The test is designed to track changes in cognitive function such as memory, reaction time, coordination, executive function, visual processing, cognitive processing, and visual attention.

BrainCheck’s neurocognitive assessment is mobile, self-administered and takes only about five minutes to complete. At the beginning of a season, an athlete takes a baseline test. If there is a concern, the athlete takes a post-incident test, and results are compared to his or her baseline as well as to the population norm. BrainCheck’s comprehensive assessment consists of six tests long considered the gold-standard by neuropsychologists. By delivering these assessments in a mobile, easy-to-use format, results can be shown on the spot. BrainCheck allows the user to print their reports to take with them to an evaluation by a healthcare professional.

“As awareness increases about the seriousness of sports concussions, Athletic Trainers need a robust toolkit to monitor their athletes’ cognitive health and communicate easily and effectively with athletes and their care teams - parents, teachers, and physicians. By integrating with SportsWareOnLine, the leading injury tracking system for student athletes, we will be able to bring our neurocognitive assessment solution to millions of students worldwide so they will be able to monitor their brain health and their physical health all in one system,” says BrainCheck CEO, Yael Katz. “We are thrilled to partner with the industry leader CSMi to provide an all-encompassing platform for athlete health.”

About CSMi

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About BrainCheck

BrainCheck is an innovative, easy-to-use concussion management system. Developed in the neuroscience laboratory of Dr. David Eagleman at Baylor College of Medicine, BrainCheck facilitates collaboration among members of the care team—increasing safety and awareness—and gives individuals who have had an injury a better way to track their recovery. BrainCheck can be used to support concussion protocols to comply with legal mandates. For more information, visit - Write My Essay - Write My Essay