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Isokinetic Extremity Systems

Maximun effort measurement is the key to recovery
If objective measurement counts then extremity system testing is a must for your clinic. Isolated joint isokinetic testing is the only and most efficient way to measure the maximum output of a joint. Isolating a joint eliminates substitution. Fixing the speed allows maximum neuromuscular contraction. Add the ability to test concentric and eccentric contractions coupled with numerous training capabilities and you have a winning combination that will keep your patients on a direct path to fulfill their performance capabilities. Now you need to pick the right machine and we can help.


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Is a refurbished Biodex or CYBEX all you need? Or rejuvenate the one you already own. - Write My Essay
Not every customer needs or can afford a new HUMAC NORM Extremity System. This is why we offer refurbished CYBEX and Biodex Isokinetic Extremity Systems upgraded with our latest HUMAC Software and Computer. And if you already own a CYBEX or Biodex in good mechanical condition coupled an outdated computer our HUMAC Software and Computer Upgrade is your solution. - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay