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HUMAC Updates


Which Isokinetic Extremity Systems is the HUMAC Upgrade compatible? - Write My Essay

The HUMAC Upgrade is available for the CYBEX NORM, Biodex System2 (Single & Double Chairs), Biodex System3, and Biodex System4.

The HUMAC Upgrade is not available for the CYBEX II, CYBEX 340, Kin-Com, Lido, or Merac. - Write My Essay
What does the HUMAC Upgrade Package include: - Write My Essay

The HUMAC Upgrade for CYBEX and Biodex Isokinetic Extremity Systems include:

HUMAC Software
HUMAC USB Controller (replaces CYBEX NDCB and Biodex Front Panel)
New DELL Computer, Monitor, and Printer
On-site Training
One-Year Warranty
NOTE: Biodex System3 & System4 Owners have the option to keep their existing DELL Computer if compatible with HUMAC. - Write My Essay
If I upgrade my machine with HUMAC who do I call for support? - Write My Essay

Once a machine is upgraded with HUMAC we are able to provide product support. - Write My Essay
Does the HUMAC Upgrade require permiment modifications to my machine? - Write My Essay

No. The HUMAC Controller is pin to pin capatible with the original hardware design. This means to install the HUMAC Controller we simply unplug the original updated electronics and plug in our updated electronics. - Write My Essay - Write My Essay - Write My Essay